We highly encourage you to recycle and/or repurpose all goGourmet Meal Kit packaging. As part of our advocacy on zero wastage and conscious consumption, you may return all goGourmet packaging materials to us by selecting the option for us to collect the Meal Kit packaging materials when we deliver your next Meal Kit order.

goGourmet Box

Our cardboard box is made from recycled materials, so you can simply fold and discard it with other recyclable items. We highly encourage you to repurpose our boxes instead! You can use it as crafting materials, toys for your kids, and it can come in handy as an additional storage to organize those old magazines, clothes, etc.

Here are some cool ideas on how to repurpose your goGourmet box:

1. Activities

2. Storage Ideas

Plastic Packaging

Plastic can be recycled to become material for new products. You can collect them and sell to companies that buy post-consumer plastic products. You can contact us to help you look for buyers.

Plastic Containers

You can re-use the small plastic containers to store liquid condiments, small quantity spices or repurpose them as storage of small office or home items such as pins, clips, etc.

Let’s be responsible together!